Case Studies

Contract Production

Moulded fibre glass horse float roofs.

Fitness Equipment

Multiple unit battery carrier

Industrial fan shrouds

Pump stands

Pit box for underground cables


Industrial Fabrication

Floats for sewerage treatment works

Mobile chemical storage tank

Various fittings for large pipe applications

Reducing Cone Desalination plant

Gate Valve Housing Desalination plant

Large diameter pipe end caps


Secondary Fit-out services

Fibre Composites are able to not only produce solutions for their clients but are able to provide secondary fit-out services for those solutions.

When several sections of a product need to be fibre glassed together, have holes drilled, need plumbing or have fittings supplied and installed Fibre Composites can provide the solution.


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Fibre Glass Grating

Fibrecomposites fibre glass grating products 

Fibre Glass Grating

Fibrecomposite fibre glass grating products are light-weight, strong, anti-fire chemical and UV resistant, and reduces costly maintenance. Our grating products are well suited for highly corrosive environments and offer extended life, eliminating periodic maintenance and extra cost, offering an excellent alternative compared to steel or aluminium gratings.

Fibrecomposite grating products offer many different styles and colours are dimensionally stable and easy to install on site.

Fibre Glass grating versus steel or aluminium

Composites consist of at least two different component materials which in the case of 'fibre glass' combine to produce a strong, rigid product.

Fibre Glass makes up a significant portion of the composites used in industry today. In fibre glass products the resin or 'matrix' transfers the shear and the glass fibres resist the tensile and compressive loads.

When using fibre glass composite materials instead of materials such as steel, or timber, there are significant reductions in weight due to the properties of the component materials.

Because it is a combination of materials, a composite product can be designed in specific shapes for different purposes, while providing a number of advantages compared to materials such as aluminium, steel or timber, such as resistance to chemicals, as well as electrical and thermal insulating properties.

The expert team at Fibre Composites can produce composite moulded products from design through to completion. With pattern makers, mould fabricators and production experts on hand in our facility your new product can be skillfully under way without the delay of outsourcing specialist skills.

Continuous production is a specialty at Fibre Composites where our up to date facility can handle small to large production runs.


  • A strong, rigid product
  • Dimensional stability
  • Lightweight (weighs 80% less than steel),
  • High strength
  • Can be designed in specific shapes for different purposes
  • Resistance to chemicals - corrosion resistance in high acidic environments
  • Electrical and thermal insulating properties.
  • Many different structural and aesthetic components available.
  • Available in many colours
  • Does not rust or require painting and other maintenance.
  • Impact Resistant
  • Non-skid Surface
  • Easily Fabricated in the Field


  • Stairs
  • Walkways and platforms
  • Mining and industrial platforms
  • Marine applications - e.g. marinas, jettys and moorings
  • Architectural Solutions
  • Water trench covers
  • Chemical industry platforms and walkways
  • Water/Wastewater Treatment
  • Platforms and walkways where non electrical and thermal insulating properties are required

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Fibre Composites International Pty Ltd
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Phone: 08 8345 2299
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