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Moulded fibre glass horse float roofs.

Fitness Equipment

Multiple unit battery carrier

Industrial fan shrouds

Pump stands

Pit box for underground cables


Industrial Fabrication

Floats for sewerage treatment works

Mobile chemical storage tank

Various fittings for large pipe applications

Reducing Cone Desalination plant

Gate Valve Housing Desalination plant

Large diameter pipe end caps


Secondary Fit-out services

Fibre Composites are able to not only produce solutions for their clients but are able to provide secondary fit-out services for those solutions.

When several sections of a product need to be fibre glassed together, have holes drilled, need plumbing or have fittings supplied and installed Fibre Composites can provide the solution.


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Fully Moulded Modular Shower Cubicles

Fully moulded shower cubicle image

Fully Moulded Modular Shower Cubicles

All Fibre Composite fully moulded shower cubicles are made from sanitary grade materials and come complete with floor waste hole and shower curtain rail. Although not supplied by Fibre Composites, all units are suitable to fit a pivot or sliding shower screen. Most areas have shower screen manufactures that can supply and fit screens if you require one.

To increase under floor stiffness they are fitted with a solid 6mm cement fibre sheet under the floor which enables the unit to be fitted without the need for a mortar base.

An anti slip base is moulded into each cubicle to enhance the safety of the user.

Most cubicles have an integrated soap dish and the 1200LS also has integrated foot rests.

It is important to measure the access ways into the bathroom, as some of the larger cubicles won't fit through standard single doorways. There are three models in the range that are available as a split unit, this enables them to be carried through smaller doorways than they would otherwise fit through, giving you the option of choosing a larger cubicle.

Cleaning of the surface finish is easy with most proprietary brand shower cleaners.

If you're requirements are for larger quantities, here at Fibre Composites we have the capacity to produce large volumes quickly to enable your project to proceed without delay. We have a number of commercial clients using hundreds of our cubicles per annum. As you can see from our wide range of sizes we cater for a variety of applications.

If you're sick of trying to clean in tight corners or have had enough of trying to fix leaky showers then our cubicles can solve your problems in one go.


  • Made from sanitary grade materials
  • Easy clean with most proprietary brand shower cleaners.
  • Anti slip base moulded into each cubicle to enhance the safety of the user.
  • Floor waste hole fitted
  • Integrated soap dish on most models
  • Large volumes produced quickly
  • Wide range of styles available
  • Cored floor section

Click here to view or download printable PDF specification sheet for all of our modular showers.

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Address 34 Gum Avenue, Dry Creek, South Australia, 5094
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